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May 29, 2018


The mission of the Presbytery of Boise is to assist, support, equip and challenge congregations to be disciples, and to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Four Goal Statements









Clergy: Please wear your robe & red stole





Need Help Filling Your Pulpit?

Pulpit Supply List with Compensation Policy

[Updated February 2018]


2017 - 2019 Book of Order

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May 19



Five Beliefs to Solve the Problem of Evil



First (Nampa)
June 3 & 9   Faith & Death: Planning for the End of Life Boone Memorial (Caldwell)
Aug. 18 9 am Presbytery First (Homedale)
Sept. 18-21   Pastors' Retreat Camp Sawtooth
Nov. 3 9 am Presbytery First (Boise)



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Synod of the Pacific Investment Rates

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May 5, 2018 - Boone Memorial

Meeting of Presbytery



Agenda & Handbook


History of Boone Presbyterian

Highlights by Dick



Minutes of the most recent meetings

may be obtained from Dick Green

(208) 608-2634


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