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January 2, 2017


The mission of the Presbytery of Boise is to assist, support, equip and challenge congregations to be disciples, and to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

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Feb. 4 9 am Presbytery Boone (Caldwell)
May 6 9 am Presbytery Kirkpatrick (Parma)
Aug. 19 9 am Presbytery King Hill Community
Nov. 4 9 am Presbytery Bethany (Ontario)


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November 5, 2016 - First Presbyterian Emmett


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Highlights of Presbytery Meeting (11/26)

At this special meeting, the Presbytery voted unanimously to approve a bridge loan to the Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church for up to $150,000 so they can do much needed building repairs. Boone's insurance company has told them that they are cancelling their policy in December if the roof on the main sanctuary building is not replaced. While replacing the roof, insullation will also be blown into the attic. The estimated cost is under $92,000. The Presbytery approved the higher amount in case other essential repairs will need to be made. This way we will not have to call another special meeting of the Presbytery. Work on the roof is scheduled to begin on November 28. Boone is working on ways to repay the loan, which includes the possibility of obtaining a loan from the Synod of the Pacific.

By Dick Green


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